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Most doctors can give you answers but do they listen?

At Canal Chiropractic and Rehab, we know that balance in all areas of life is key to enjoying the best of health. With our array of solutions, we’ll help you restore the harmony in all aspects of your journey.

Meet Our Chiropractors

Dr. Wade and Dr. Miller provide health care with honesty. You’ll receive our opinion and recommendations on how to reach your goals. We welcome you and all of your family and friends, from babies to grandparents to our practice. Our patients include pregnant moms, athletes, worker’s compensation and personal injury cases. Patients from the nearby VA Hospital are often referred to us for care, as well. Any age or level of health is invited to learn more about what we do!


Canal Winchester Chiropractors Restore Your Well-Being

Enjoying true health is about far more than being free from pain. At Canal Chiropractic and Rehab, we know that the structural, chemical and emotional aspects of life each play a role in how we feel. Our philosophy is that each aspect requires balance. Canal Winchester chiropractors, Dr. Scott Wade and Dr. Nicholas Miller, can help you add quality to your life.

Discover Our Multifaceted Care

Our evaluation process determines the cause of your problem. Once we have determined the source, we can decide which of our options is best for you. We provide rehabilitation on-site, which is appropriate for anyone who has an injury. Nutrition is also available for those who have a health condition and would like to consider options for treatment. Massage therapy is offered on-site to serve as a complementary feature for your healing.

We want to assist you in making the right decisions for your health concerns. It may not be us, but we will be happy to refer you elsewhere if we don’t think that we can help.

Patient Testimonials

I was nervous starting up with a new practice but the experience of Canal Chiropractic has been wonderful. The office staff are so friendly, the rehabilitation staff knowledgeable (and btw massively impressive multitaskers!), and Dr. Miller has been super kind and helpful.

Joleanna D.

I love coming here! Everyone is very nice, and they provide so many services and help me feel the best I can. Highly recommend!

Lauren V.

Can’t recommend Canal Chiropractic and Rehab enough. The whole staff is friendly, helpful and welcoming at every appointment. Dr. Miller is thorough and makes sure to walk you through every step of care he provides.

Our infant is also a new patient of Dr. Miller’s and he did a fantastic job with her. She smiled and cooed during the entire appointment. He made sure to let me know exactly what he was doing during her appointment and why he was doing it, which I really appreciated!

Danielle H.

Very great Staff and Doctors. I went here on a whim after a car accident. After a few visits I’m back on my feet! The therapy and adjustments I received have put me in great shape and I’m kicking it. Dr. Scott was very upfront in what he can do and set realistic goals of where I should be. The physical therapy was only as far as I could push never more than I can do. Again very great place and I highly recommend this chiropractor for any back needs!

William L.

I have been going to Dr Wade for more than 15 years. I started out with severe lower back pain in my early 20s and Dr Wade has kept my back in manageable condition without drugs or surgery. He really cares about his patients’ health and listens to my needs. He has provided me with the best consistent medical care of any medical professional I’ve ever met. I have tried finding other chiropractors after moving away from the Canal Winchester area but none of them have measured up to the care I’ve received from Dr Wade. I am a life long patient.

Brian D.

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