Standard Process supplementsAt Canal Chiropractic and Rehab, we know that health has three components. You need to consider your body’s structure (the physical), which chiropractic assists you with improving. The emotional component is all about your stress and sleep patterns. The third component is chemical, which involves the foods we eat.

If you would like to learn more about staying well through the foods you eat or supplements you may need, we are here to help.

Our nutrition services include two different levels of service. The most basic service is general advice, which encompasses information about getting nutrients you are lacking or suggesting nutritional supplements that would help with your physical, emotional and chemical healing process. The more advanced level involves a separate appointment with Dr. Wade to spend time discussing your particular needs.

Your One-on-One Nutrition Visit

When you meet personally with Dr. Wade about your nutritional needs, you will receive one-on-one advice and a full evaluation. We may recommend food sensitivity testing, blood work or other issues to assess that we feel may be appropriate for your situation. Once we have gathered all the necessary information, we will formulate a plan for food and supplements in order for you to live and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Leaky Gut Syndrome and Other Autoimmune Conditions

One of the most common conditions we see benefit from our nutrition help is leaky gut syndrome. If you are eating what you are sensitive to, inflammation in your gastrointestinal lining will be the result. When this lining is inflamed, you cannot filter out toxins, which your body should be doing on a daily basis. These toxins enter your muscles and joints, and the body then attacks them causing you discomfort. Your autoimmune response is activated, which results in your body attacking itself.

Our Whole Food Products

Our recommendations to you will likely include specific supplementation. We carry Standard Process products in our office. They are not created in a laboratory, as these products are usually depleted of important nutrients that cannot be made in a laboratory. Standard Process has a large organic farm where they harvest the healthy ingredients included in their products.

Standard Process Patient Direct

Nutrition Information That Anyone Can Use

You might be searching for some general information that will assist you in achieving a healthier body and lifestyle. Dr. Wade recommends that you use the following guideline: if you can grow it or kill it, you can eat it. The exception would be anything genetically modified such as wheat, breads and grains.

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