Canal Chiropractic and Rehab Mission StatementOur mission statement is “Changing the world’s health, one patient at a time.” We are not an assembly line medical facility. We personalize your care. At Canal Chiropractic and Rehab, we care about your health, your body, and your mental well-being.  Health is not just the mere absence of pain or disease. True health is the balance between physical well-being as well as metabolic and emotional well-being.

Our three goals for every patient are: move well, eat well and think well.

However, we realize some patients just have a mechanical issue or pain that needs managed or corrected. They may have reached down to pick something up at home or at work that caused the issue. They may have been involved in a car accident. These types of patients are the most common type of patients we see. However, they are not the only type.

Some patients have a condition that is affecting their physical well-being.  Most patients never think about metabolic imbalances affecting the structural or physical aspect of their health. However, our average patient has been to several doctors before coming to our clinic because their pain or condition did not improve due to metabolic imbalances.

In our practice, we are able to present information to our patients to demonstrate how their total health can be treated and improved naturally with diet modifications or with organic whole food supplementation.  In today’s society, a high rate of food sensitivity, autoimmune issues, leaky gut, diverticulitis and many more conditions affect the healing process of the patients.

Emotional well-being is the third and final category for true health.  We often find that in today’s society many people are under a lot of stress, which affects their overall health. We have several natural approaches for reducing and managing stress.

Physical Well Being

The human body is designed to move. When you become stiff or lose range of motion, you should take action and seek help before it escalates into a more serious issue Stiffness is the first sign of an underlying problem, which can be followed with some type of pain, muscle spasm or even nerve pain. We have over 27 years of experience handling this type of problem.  Many chiropractors find a technique that they prefer, so they use that technique on all their patients.  We are certified to use over 20 different techniques, and we try and find the right technique for you.  We work hard to identify the best technique for your underlying issue, and we continue to work to improve the condition to gain positive results.

Metabolic Well Being

You are what you eat.  In today’s society, our foods have become depleted of many nutrients that are required for normal metabolism.  Therefore, when people have an injury or pain, it is very difficult for the body to heal itself being malnourished.  We like to use the analogy in our office, “If your gas gauge was on half of a tank, would you add water to the tank, so the gauge would read full and expect it to run well?”  Of course you wouldn’t!  That is why every patient that enters our office has a full nutritional evaluation to insure their pain is not a referral pain from another source.

Emotional Well Being

Everyone knows stress can cause disease, but very few offices strive to create and provide a relaxing atmosphere.  We do everything we can to establish a positive atmosphere, and that begins with positive people, energetic smiles and, Ruby, our own therapy dog.  If stress is not managed, the body will develop a fight or flight response. During this response, certain hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released.  When these hormones become unbalanced, a metabolic change occurs, which accelerates your heart rate, slows down your digestion, and changes various other autonomic functions.  When your body is faced with chronic stress, more serious health problems may develop.


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